Faro scanner helps car seat production

Faro’s Edge ScanArm HD provides fast, accurate, non-contact measurement to aid Lear’s production of foam car seats.


Jim Handy, senior quality engineer at the Lear Corporation’s Sunderland plant, said: “Given the deformable nature of our foam products, we have found the advanced non-contact scanning functions of the Edge ScanArm HD to be ideal for our accurate measuring routines. It exerts no pressure on our components and quickly provides the precise results we are looking for.
“Following a Faro measuring routine, we use the accurate data obtained for examining significant characteristics and for inspecting sections through the component. In addition, we use the data for making precise CAD variance comparisons.”

A typical measuring routine would consist of a fixture that precisely represents the surface of a foam injection tool used in production being accurately scanned with the Edge ScanArm HD’s laser line probe. The captured data is then stored as a datum. The foam seat component under inspection is then placed on the same fixture and aligned to duplicate its position at the time of manufacture. A second precise Faro scanning routine is then made and saved in an accurate point cloud.

The original fixture datum point cloud is imported, along with the point cloud
of the foam seat component; Faro’s ingenious software then registers the two files together. The relevant CAD model is then imported and displayed as a reference file and the component’s scanned point cloud file is then set as
a test file.

Comparison can then be carried out by keying in a value for the position where a characteristic needs to be checked. The achieved result is displayed, showing the nominal CAD value, the actual significant characteristic’s value, and any deviations.

Handy said: “Given the speed at which we produce foam components and their demanding dimensional specifications, not only are the highly precise results delivered by the ScanArm HD extremely important to us, but the Faro product’s speed of operation is also vital. The rapid feedback we obtain from the system, related to foam components’ significant characteristics drifting from nominal conditions, allows prompt interventions to be made and enables us to adhere to a zero defect condition.”

The Edge ScanArm HD, as used by Lear, features enhanced scanning technology. Materials with challenging optical qualities can now be scanned with less effort, allowing the user to scan jobs in less time. Also, improved software algorithms allow the scanning of materials with high contrasting colours at the
same time.

The ScanArm HD is the ideal tool for product development, inspection and quality control and offers capabilities such as point cloud comparison with CAD, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D modelling of free-form surfaces. In combination with the all-in-one metrology software CAM2 Measure 10, Faro ScanArms provides companies with a complete metrology package for contact and non-contact measurement.

Faro has proved that it has a product that can quickly and effectively create data for inspections. This data has been used by Lear to make sure that the characteristics of its products are of the right standard to deliver quality seating systems.