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    Business Services incorporates business support functions and departments – these are an intrinsic part of any business; from Human Resources and Accountancy & Finance to Sales & Marketing and Office support. The mobile revolution has brought with it new roles in this area too in creative, media, brand and digital. In 2013-2014, according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), 35.5% of all UK permanent placements were in Human Resources, Accountancy & Finance and Secretarial/Clerical. That represents the largest percentage in a single sector demonstrating how critical employees in this sector are. We understand the importance and the need for smooth running support functions across the organisation. We also understand how crucial it is to employ the ‘right’ person for your business.


    • A separate executive arm, ERIK JUHLER – Key Operations, focusing on roles with salaries over £25k.
    • Candidate driven & client focused service – we don’t simply place candidates, we match them.
    • Dual customer focus – we have 2 clients: the candidate and the hirer, we never forget this.
    • Extensive networking to foster contacts with passive candidates.
    • Ethical stance – high standards in best practise & internal/external audit system to ensure compliance.

    Our Business Services Team

    Our Business Services Division recruits temporary & permanent personnel in a variety of office based functions, from Administrative & Secretarial roles, through to Telesales, Payroll and Finance posts:


    Latest Vacancies

    Temporary, Contract, Interim & Permanent

    • Temporary Workers

      Temporary workers are usually paid an hourly rate. Many of the organisations we work with use the temporary route to trial a candidate’s suitability before offering them a permanent role.

    • Interim Appointments

      Interim candidates tend to be hourly or monthly paid; tasked to cover a period of leave, run a particular project or provide some consultancy analysis.

    • Contractors

      Contractors typically work to a daily rate. We continue to maintain and grow networks of candidates enabling us to supply squads of contractors upon demand.

    • Permanent

      Attracting the right candidates is the key to the success of your business. Through TEMP-TEAM and our executive brand, ERIK JUHLER, we offer a transparent, ethical and thorough sourcing and selection service to help you secure employees to fit your business. Skills, experience and personality are all considered and assessed.

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