Dunne opens Lockheed Martin UK’s £5.5m turret manufacturing facility

A new £5.5m facility to manufacture turrets for the British Army has been opened at Lockheed Martin UK in Bedfordshire.


Philip Dunne, minister of state for defence procurement, opened the facility at the company’s Ampthill site. The building houses a production line to manufacture armoured vehicle turrets, from development and fabrication through to integration and testing.

The new facility is expected to create around 40 jobs at Lockheed Martin and sustain hundreds more as the company works on Ministry of Defence contracts for the British Army’s Warrior and Ajax armoured vehicles.

Alan Lines, vice president and managing director of Lockheed Martin UK’s Ampthill site, said: “The completion of this facility means we are now able to move into production, with our highly-skilled engineers ready to deliver quality, technically-demanding solutions for our customer.”

Over the last decade, over £23m has been invested by Lockheed Martin to develop the Ampthill site and establish a centre of excellence for manufacturing turrets.

Lockheed Martin said in a statement that it is working with an extensive network of suppliers to deliver the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme and Ajax turret.