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    Britain’s railways are vital to the UK economy; more people and goods than ever move by train today. There was a 50% increase in train usage between 2003 and 2013. With this growth has come the need to upgrade the network so as well as modernising and electrification of the infrastructure, there are key high speed projects underway across the country. These improvements bring with them jobs.

    This sector typically employs temporary and/or contract workers. We also place candidates into interim, project and permanent roles across the Rail industry.
    There is much talk about skill shortages in this sector so the need to maintain and grow contact networks of potential candidates is essential. This means that we are in touch with passive candidates who are not necessarily actively looking for their next role and as such will not be found through the traditional recruitment mechanisms. We are able to proactively resource plan for contracts with this pool of workers.

    We often find that workers are used to operating in crews together and we actively encourage placing them as teams because this has been proven to result in lack of turnover over the lifespan of a project. We also try to work with the same teams again and again so we are placing candidates that we know are reliable.


    • Sentinel Scheme knowledge.
    • Growing candidate contact networks outside the usual recruitment channels.
    • We care – our temporary, contract & interim staff are very important to us; we care about them and take steps to ensure fair and ethical treatment.
    • Project driven approach – able to provide analysis of rates and availability to assist with bids for new work.
    • Separate executive arm, ERIK JUHLER, focusing on senior and specialist roles over £30k.

    Our Rail Team

    Our specialist Rail Division deals with candidates on a temporary, contract and project basis. We also deal with Executive roles under our ERIK JUHLER brand:

    Rachel Young

    Operations Director


    Latest Vacancies

    Temporary, Contract, Interim & Permanent

    • Temporary Workers

      Temporary workers are usually paid an hourly rate. Many of the organisations we work with use the temporary route to trial a candidate’s suitability before offering them a permanent role.

    • Interim Appointments

      Interim candidates tend to be hourly or monthly paid; tasked to cover a period of leave, run a particular project or provide some consultancy analysis.

    • Contractors

      Contractors typically work to a daily rate. We continue to maintain and grow networks of candidates enabling us to supply squads of contractors upon demand.

    • Permanent

      Attracting the right candidates is the key to the success of your business. Through TEMP-TEAM and our executive brand, ERIK JUHLER, we offer a transparent, ethical and thorough sourcing and selection service to help you secure employees to fit your business. Skills, experience and personality are all considered and assessed.

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