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It’s important for us to make sure all of our jobseekers get the best possible deal in their future jobs. We’re with you all the way from when you register your CV till you sign the job.

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Industry Overview

Manufacturing contributes £6.7tr to the global economy. Despite news & discussion to the contrary, the UK is currently the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world, directly employing 2.6 million people working across aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, defence, electronics, food & drink, furniture, plastics, steel and textiles.

We have had a specialist focus within this sector since February 2002 and heading up this division is Michelle Lightfoot who has worked within manufacturing recruitment for in excess of 9 years. We understand the necessity to match candidates to organisations. Competitive edge is crucial in this sector in order for the UK manufacturers to compete within the global market. Year on year increased efficiency and productivity in this sector is what has helped UK manufacturing do exactly that. Competition with overseas markets has put the sector under pressure to respond to customer fluctuations, reactive orders, more stringent quality specifications and tighter margins. All of these pressures can be addressed by using temporary, flexible labour.


  • Permanent, Temporary, Contract & Interim – despite our brand name, we place an increasing number of permanent candidates across manufacturing.
  • ‘Try before you buy’ – a large proportion of our temporary candidates transfer permanent, having worked a probationary or trial period as an agency worker.
  • We care – our agency workers are very important to us; we care about them and take steps to ensure fair and ethical treatment.
  • Compliance – we pride ourselves on meeting industry standards of best practise; our own internal operating standards exceed the industry norm so you are assured of our high standards – your business in safe hands.
  • Full capability to deliver volume recruitment solutions with on-site management experience with a focus on compliance, fair treatment & mirroring where appropriate your own HR processes.

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Temporary, Contract, Interim & Permanent

  • Temporary Workers

    Temporary workers are usually paid an hourly rate. Many of the organisations we work with use the temporary route to trial a candidate’s suitability before offering them a permanent role.

  • Interim Appointments

    Interim candidates tend to be hourly or monthly paid; tasked to cover a period of leave, run a particular project or provide some consultancy analysis.

  • Contractors

    Contractors typically work to a daily rate. We continue to maintain and grow networks of candidates enabling us to supply squads of contractors upon demand.

  • Permanent

    Attracting the right candidates is the key to the success of your business. Through TEMP-TEAM and our executive brand, ERIK JUHLER, we offer a transparent, ethical and thorough sourcing and selection service to help you secure employees to fit your business. Skills, experience and personality are all considered and assessed.

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